Event attraction platform

We make it simple to plan and build beautiful, highly engaging events.

See-U is an event attraction platform that manages and automates workflows related to inviting people to your event. The product does the magic with minimal effort and saves you time and gives you quality. With See-U you can easily check on who is coming to your event vs. who is not. You can gather information from your audience meanwhile you are preparing for your event, you can send updates and information about the event and a lot more. The platform is feature rich and was built by those who run events for a living.

The service targets those who would like to run events effortlessly without the need to put in a lot of resources yet would like to have a delightful invitee/guest experience. The service is designed with corporations in mind. It runs on the cloud and can be installed on premise too. Once can think of See-U as an event attraction platform that treats data in a CRM like manner. See-U is interoperable and can work with any of the well-known CRMs out there. The service is scheduled to be out for early adopters soon and you are more than welcome to register your interest today!

Invitation Management

Send omnichannel invites campaigns that drive interest with the help of personalized content.

Event Management

Provide your attendees with exceptional event experiences using our engaging platform and event app.

Contact Management

Manage your contacts and get the info that is most important to you by customizing the contact's fields.