Basil Al Dossary

Meet Our CEO

Basil Al-Dossary is the Founder and CEO of Takamul Smart Technology.

Basil is a member of the National ICT committee and part of the ICT committee for the Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce. He has been recognized and rewarded for his expertise and influence in The Kingdom and abroad.

Basil’s success is due in part to a diverse professional background, which includes business development, product management and all aspects of digital product development.

What services do you provide?
We offer digital experience and product development services for government, B2B and B2C.

What is your ambition for Takamul?
I’ve given a lot of thought to our objectives and in my view they can be broken into separate levels. On the micro-level is building a team and processes that can reliably produce quality software solutions for our clients.
The next level up is our ability to not just focus on the product launch, but also on the wider business goals. A product doesn’t exist in a bubble. We want to ensure that it can deliver positive impact across a range of business-focused areas.
If we go one level further it would be the company itself, which we grow by producing quality work that is recognized as such.
The final level is that of Saudi Arabia, where our work can positively contribute to a growing knowledge-based economy, which is of benefit for all citizens.

What else is unique about Takamul?
For us, software development is just one part of the product development cycle. The best results are achieved by a combination of strategy, R&D, business analysis and process engineering.
In short, we are strategic partners for our clients and deeply invested in their success.