About Takamul Smart Technology

is an award-winning, digital product development company.

Takamul Smart Technology, founded in 2012, is an award-winning digital product development company based in Saudi Arabia. With an experienced leadership guiding a highly-skilled and passionate team, Takamul has an innovative approach to helping our enterprise clients launch successful projects.
We have pioneered an integrated framework that aligns digital strategy and product development with business goals. By focusing on the big picture, we can more effectively strategize, develop, build, launch and operate tailor-made digital solutions.

Our Vision

We are passionate about our country and people and see Takamul as key drivers of the Saudi government’s exciting digital transformation initiative – #SaudiVision_2030. We envision a time in the near future where Saudi companies are global leaders in technology, and our citizens have access to the most innovative digital products – products that make their work and lives even more rewarding.
Takamul is at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution and the new knowledge-based economy. We foresee exciting technological changes on the horizon and look forward to playing a part in our country’s future success.

Our Mission

  • To develop high-quality digital experience, insights and event management solutions to enable enterprises to achieve their operational and commercial objectives.
  • To develop innovative digital solutions targeted to add value to users around the country and region.
  • To partner with our clients by offering services and insights that extend beyond the boundaries of product development.
  • To continually develop and grow a highly-skilled, customer-centric team.
  • To contribute to The Kingdom’s vision of a knowledge-based economy featuring sophisticated and highly-skilled Saudi companies that are globally recognized.

The Takamul Advantage

Our process is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with more value. We are more than just contractors; we combine web development skills with a deep knowledge of business. This ensures that our products are always in collaboration with the larger ambitions of your company.


01. Analysis

Requirement Analysis is one of our greatest strengths and an area that is often overlooked. In this step, we take on board all available information before building a tailored product vision and strategy. This strategy will be designed to find the best path to overcome business challenges and maximize return on investment.


02. Design

UI/ UX Design, once we start development, we begin by designing the User Interface and the User Experience. This is essentially the front-facing look and feel of the software, which will come to life during the software development.


03. Build

We use Agile Development with a Scrum process framework, which is an efficient and proactive process that allows us to shorten time-to-market and use the early feedback to continually improve the product


04. DevOps

To get the most value out of deliverables, we offer maintenance, security and hosting to support the product after launch. We also have DevOps teams in place to use analytics and feedback to continually improve the live product.

Takamul uses emerging technologies and digital strategies to drive successful outcomes for enterprise businesses

Together We Build Dreams

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